1. UnderpantsLazer Fiesta- Electronic Music Rant Jr.

    So… Yeah, I hate electronic music. Hate dubstep. Hate techno. But LazerDisk Party Sex (real name, I’ll stop messing with them) has this great summer mix out that i ACTUALLY like. Forreal. It slaps. My JBoog, (not the kama’aina Jboog, or one of the million bay djs who go by that name) has been managing them for a while and though I’ve been reluctant, Skinny Dip, MIGHT be my summer banger.

    Get it here.

    Matt at thissongissick tells me (and by me I mean, readers) it’s Moombahton (yeah i said ‘quit playing’ when i read that). Never bothered to ask J about it and he’d never volunteered the info. Learn with me people, if you don’t know, now you know, ninja.